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Sign Crafters Past Sign Projects

The following Sign Crafters past sign projects are just a few samples of the different types of signs we have fabricated for customers. We understand that each client’s signage needs are unique, and we are committed to delivering the highest level of quality and service on every project. Whether small or large, simple or complex, we are proud of each of our creations.
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Channel Letter Projects Henderson, Kentucky
Sign Crafters has stayed on the cutting-edge of channel letter manufacturing.
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View more Channel Letter Signs for Henderson, Kentucky

Channel Letter Projects Flora, Illinois
Sign Crafters channel letters are a high visibility way to attract customers to your business - day or night.
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View more Channel Letter Signs for Flora, Illinois

Channel Letter Projects Sullivan, Indiana
Sign Crafters also offers a selection of fabrication styles for channel letter faces.
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View more Channel Letter Signs for Sullivan, Indiana

Channel Letter Projects Owensboro, Kentucky
We maintain prompt manufacturing time frames and affordable pricing by using innovative equipment such as Letter-Lock
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View more Channel Letter Signs for Owensboro, Kentucky

Channel Letter Projects Kingsport, Tennessee
Whether you are looking for a 12” letter or a 12’ letter, we can create exactly what you need at a competitive price.
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View more Channel Letter Signs for Kingsport, Tennessee

Monument Signs Lawrenceville, Illinois
We take pride in providing outstanding customer service and affordable pricing for our top quality monument signage.
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View more Monument Signs for Lawrenceville, Illinois

LED Message Units Evansville, Indiana
LED signs – outdoor and programmable, offer a wide variety of benefits.
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View more LED Buisiness Signs for Evansville, Indiana

Pylon Signs Evansville, Indiana
Quality pylon signs from Sign Crafters help you rise above the competition.
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View more Pylon Signs for Evansville, Indiana

Pylon Signs Princeton, Indiana
Sign Crafters pylon signs can be ordered in a variety of shapes and sizes.
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View more Pylon Signs for Princeton, Indiana

Goodwill® Store Dimensional Plastic Letters
Dimensional plastic letters can be mounted to the interior or exterior of their building as well they can be freestanding structures such as a monument sign.
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View more Dimensional Plastic Letter Signs for Owensboro, Kentucky

Amazing Prices Every Day Dimensional Letters
Houchens Industries has entrusted us with their dimensional plastic signs since 2010.
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View more Dimensional Plastic Letter Signs for Clarksville, TN

Post & Panel Signs Evansville, Indiana
Post & Panel signs are a versatile and affordable solution for your businesses external visibility!
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View more Post & Panel Signs for Evansville, Indiana

Scoreboards Evansville, Indiana
Sign Crafters offers a complete line of outdoor electronic LED scoreboards!
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View more Scoreboards for Evansville, Indiana

Distinctive business logo crafted with metal letters
Versatile, Metal letters can be produced for both inside and outside applications.
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View more Metal Letters for Noblesville, Indiana


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Sign Crafters has installed 4 signs for United Community Bank.

Tammy B. - United Community Bank

We have been partnering with Sign Crafters for many years.

Steve C. - Hopkinsville Sign Service, LLC

Great Service! True to their word!

David M. - Moore Ford Chrysler

I am proud to do business with Sign Crafters.

Brian G. - Houchens Industries

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