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Pylon Signs

Gibson General Hospital Pylon Sign

Quality pylon signs from Sign Crafters help you rise above the competition. Crafted for durability and visibility, our pole signs will ensure a strong presence for your business. When placed along highways or in front of your business, pylon signs drive traffic directly to you. This type of sign is relatively low-cost and durable and offers a cost-effective advertising solution for businesses looking for an impactful medium.

Whether you need signage for one store or multiple cabinets for a shopping center or business park, Our expert sign company will create customized signage to meet your needs.
Sign Crafter's custom pylon signs can be ordered in a variety of shapes and sizes – from ovals to circles, radius corners, or domed tops with rounded ends. These are distinctive signs that can be mounted on side posts or poles, fashioned to your desired height.
Our sign cabinets are fabricated from either steel and aluminum frames or our aluminum extrusion selection of 4", 6", 8", 9", 10", 11 1/2", or 12" depths. All cabinets are UL® licensed and are built to order, so we can accommodate any lamp diagram or mounting method that may be required for your specification. Our sign structures are primed and painted with sign-grade Grip Guard paints that carry a 9-year warranty. Our Akzo Nobel Grip Flex spray station can match the Pantone color chart and other paint formulas to match your artwork. Illuminated pylon signage shines brightly with interiors painted with Akzo Nobel white light-enhancing primer.

All Star LiquorsSign Crafters offers a variety of options for pylon sign faces, including:
  • Pan formed smooth
  • Pan-formed embossed or debossed
  • Routed aluminum with colored acrylic (push-thru copy available)
  • Flex faces (decoration applications with 3M translucent vinyls, eradicable colors, digital printing, and grip flex spray painting)
  • Flat Lexan or acrylic
  • Flat aluminum
  • Silk-screened faces 
For examples of pole signs we have produced, please visit our sign gallery.

Ordering and Quote Information for Pylon Signs

We look forward to providing a quote for post signs or getting to work on your order. Please contact our sales department at 1-800-742-3655 or fax us at 1-812-428-4973 with your specifications. When requesting quotes or placing orders, please be sure to include the following information:

  • Approved artwork with colors and color reference numbers, accurate sizes, or detailed blueprints
  • Number of units
  • Price Less FoodsO.A.H. of structure with mounting methods
  • Type of illumination: LED or fluorescent
  • Type of construction: steel, aluminum, or aluminum extrusion
  • Size of mounting holes or pipe
  • Color of faces, cabinet, and pylon covers
  • Face type with decoration specifications 
We take pride in providing outstanding customer service and affordable pricing for our top-quality signage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pylon Signs

We often get questions about our customizable signs. Here are a few of the most asked:

When should I use a pylon sign?

There are several situations where a custom pylon sign can be the appropriate choice for a business's exterior design. A pylon or pole sign is a type of banner that attaches to a pole with a design that is extremely effective when advertising your business, service, event, cause, or product.

What are other names for a pylon sign?

Other names for a pylon sign are:

  • Freestanding Sign
  • Pole Sign
  • Tower Sign
  • High-Rise

How are pylon signs illuminated?

 Pylon signs are made from durable plastics and are illuminated either internally or externally. Internal illumination is the most common form of pylon sign lighting, with the light source built into the plastic fixture in the fascia or wall. LED lights are a popular choice, emitting a bright light while using less energy and running cooler than other types of internal lighting.

Internally illuminated pylon signs come in a wide range of styles:

  • Flat mountings

  • Vertical or angled

  • Round and square

External illumination, on the other hand, involves fitting the sign with an external mast and base, which houses the power supply and lighting source. These are often floodlit, but more sophisticated systems use LED strip lights or even laser lighting to reflect and attract customers' attention.

What are the benefits of pylon signs?

The benefit of a freestanding sign is that you can use them for any kind of business. You can use them outdoors, indoors, or even at trade shows.

Businesses located near major highways often opt for pylons as their preferred signage. Gas stations, restaurants, shopping centers, and strip malls are among the businesses that commonly choose this type of sign.

The good thing about this type of sign is that you can move them around to whatever location is needed. This is great for businesses that want to expand their business. A pylon sign is weatherproof and very durable.

Other benefits of high-rise signs are:

  • Offers Increased Visibility

  • Cost-Effective

  • Great Branding Opportunity

  • Customizable Design

  • Versatile and Durable?

What is the difference between freestanding signs and monument signs?

The main difference is their respective heights. Monument signs are designed to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding landscape, creating a harmonious visual appeal. In contrast, pylons are specifically crafted to stand out and catch the eye from a considerable distance.

Generally, monument signs are positioned as tall as a person, while pylons are usually taller than the surrounding buildings. You'll more commonly see these tall signs next to busy roads or major highways.

For questions or more information about pole signs, please contact our Sales Department at 1-800-742-3655 or click here to contact us. Quotes are available within 24 hours.



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