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Channel Letter Signs - Reverse-Lit LED, Exterior

Rose Monet Channel Letter SignAre you looking to gain extra attention for your business? If so, then channel letters are a high visibility way to attract customers to your business - day or night. We offer a complete range of font/type styles, colors and custom logos, allowing your customers to identify your business immediately. We form our channel letters using the highest-quality material and light them with the best and brightest LEDs in the industry.
Since the 1950s, Sign Crafters has stayed on the cutting-edge of channel letter manufacturing. Our professional craftsmen operate one of the fastest-growing segments of our business using state-of-the-art equipment. We maintain prompt manufacturing time frames and affordable pricing by using innovative equipment such as Letter-Lock, Channel Bender and Accu-Bend.

If you want to have a channel letter sign installed for your business, then please contact the Sign Crafter’s team today for more information. We will listen to your needs and help you create the perfect channel letter sign that reflects the personality of your business and entices customers to come inside. Call today!

Custom Channel Letter Signs for Your Business

Sign Crafters offers a variety of channel letter styles. The most popular option is channel letters with colored acrylic facing, lit with an economical LED light source. Reverse-lit channel letter signs are mounted so that the light within the channel creates a halo effect on the wall behind the letters.

Our team will make sure you get the best looking, highest performing sign for your business. We will help you throughout the entire installation process and create a custom sign that meets your exact specifications. Each letter is custom cut individually to match your specific design requests.

You can choose to order your letters with a self-contained power supply, or with remote or raceway mounting on fabricated or aluminum extruded raceways to house your power supply. All of Sign Crafter’s channel letters are UL® listed and shipped fully assembled and ready to install.

Sign Crafters also offers a selection of fabrication styles for channel letter faces. Select from flat-faced channel letters with jewel trim, flat-faced trimless channel letters or shoebox-formed channel letters to fit tightly around the return of the letter. Different types of channel letter signs from Sign Crafters hold a unique appeal. Whether you are looking for a 12” letter or a 12’ letter, we can create exactly what you need at a competitive price.

Our expert team is always available to answer your questions and can accommodate most requests, including creating signage that is environmentally friendly. Feel free to review our past sign projects for examples of custom channel letter signs we have designed and installed for clients across the country. Call today to request a free quote and learn more about the custom business signs and company signage we offer customers nationwide.
Jasper Engines & Tramissions Channel Letter Sign

Variety of LED Letter Types

At Sign Crafters, we have sold thousands of channel letters throughout the United States. Many of these channel letters use LED lighting to help them shine super bright and long. If you are looking for a certain glow or vibe from your business signage, then we have a variety of LED letter types for you to choose from. Our most popular channel letter signs include:

Front-Lit Channel Letter Signs

This is the most popular type of business sign sold today. Front-lit channel letters are long-lasting, super affordable and can help boost your marketing and advertising efforts. If you want a custom color for your business sign, then our technicians can come up with a solution that satisfies your design aesthetic and is within your particular budget.

Reverse-Lit Channel Letter Signs

Reverse-lit channel letters produce a halo effect around the perimeter of the letter.  They provide a classic and sophisticated look and can increase the intensity and effectiveness of your sign. Our installers and manufacturers will light your reverse-lit channel letter sign to the intensity of your choice.

Front and Reverse-Lit Channel Letter Signs

If you are looking for something more dramatic, then you should ask about a front and reverse-lit channel letter sign. It is the perfect option for business owners wanting signage with the most illumination possible. Out of all the channel letter signage, front and reverse-lit channel letter signs are the most dramatic and capture the eye of the customer in a major way. To guarantee the quality of your front and reverse-lit channel letter sign, our expert craftsmen use the highest quality materials during the manufacturing process.

Best Mounting Options for Channel Letters

The best mounting option for your channel letter sign depends on the desired location of your sign and your type of business. However, there are three primary mounting options that apply to most channel letter signs.

Raceway Mount

A raceway is a metal box that stores the power supply and electrical wiring for a channel letter sign. Raceway mounts are convenient because they reduce the number of steps involved in the installation process. They are typically painted to match the color of the store façade or the sign band.

Direct Mount or Flush Mount

With a direct mount, the channel letters are attached directly to the building façade. Direct mounts are the most popular mounting option due to their simple design and customizable size. Most business signs, both indoor and outdoor, are hung with a direct mount.

Backer Mount

A backer mount is a flat structure mounted behind the sign letters. The backer panel is typically larger in size than the channel letters and is often used to provide a strong contrasting background color for a sign.

Ordering and Quote Information for Channel Letter Signs

At Sign Crafters, we look forward to providing you with a quote for channel letters and getting to work on your order. Please contact our sales department at 1-800-742-3655 or fax us at 1-812-428-4973 with your order specifications.

When requesting a quote or placing an order, please be sure to include the following information:
  • Approved artwork with colors and color reference numbers
  • Number of letter sets
  • Height of letters
  • Color of LED
  • Typeface and color
  • Mounting method: self-contained, remote or raceway
  • Mounting pattern provided
We take pride in providing outstanding customer service and affordable pricing for our top-quality signage. For questions or more information about channel letter signs, please contact our Sales Department at 1-800-742-3655 or click here to contact us. Quotes are available in 24 hours. Call now for more information.



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