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Distinctive business logo crafted with metal letters

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Sign Crafters recently completed metal letters for the outside of Metro Plastics Technologies new facility in Noblesville, Indiana. Metro Plastics Technologies was founded in 1975, and they provide full-service plastics manufacturing solutions. Their client base encompasses a wide variety of fields, including; consumer electronics, medical, housewares, food services, automotive, sports equipment, communication devices and many others.

Metro Plastics was referred to us through their construction company (Mattingly Construction) to manufacture the sign for the new building. Employing their new logo; Sign Crafters successfully manufactured the letters for their logo on ½” brushed aluminum that was treated with black paint on the sides to help distinguish the logo even more. A clear sealant was then applied to protect the letters from the elements.

State of the art technology

Versatile, Metal letters can be produced for both inside and outside applications. Our state-of-the-art router enables us to create letters, shapes, logos and custom designs to match your specifications.

In much the same way that we manufacture our sign faces, our Accu-Cut router provides dimensional cut-out letters and routed faces using aluminum backed with plex.
Durable aluminum base
Sign Crafters routed signs offer durability and a distinctive outline that stays sharp and crisp through the life of the sign. The Aluminum base also gives a unique, updated look that is more architecturally friendly. Designers of professional buildings often request our aluminum letters for that very reason.

Sign professionals

Our team of professionals works with customers to create a wide variety of custom designs based on their unique needs and specifications. We offer several options for artistic metal letters and signs, and our team of craftsmen can create distinctive routed aluminum designs using a push-through plex process that gives it a 3-D effect.

Using a push-through plex process of which only the letters appear at night and not the cabinet. We can also produce far more substantial elaborate designs in aluminum letters and routed signs that truly make your business stand out.

Whatever your signage idea may be, we can help bring it to life to highlight your business.

Contact Sign Crafters sales department at 1-800-742-3655 to get started designing your business sign today utilizing metal letters!


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